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Guitar Tricks Review

The world today is an undoubtedly digital place. From the emergence of e-commerce to social media and online banking, there is very little you can’t do online these days. Even learning a musical instrument has found an internet niche as lessons can successfully be taught on an online platform. Guitar Tricks holds the title of the first online guitar lessons site, and since their launching in 1998, they have taught over 3 million people how to play guitar. Since the emergence of Guitar Tricks, there have been numerous other sites that offer the same service. Having been in operation for so long, Guitar Tricks has perfected the process and has a number of perks and features worthy of discussing.

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Step-By-Step Learning System

The lesson platform uses what they refer to as a ‘Core Learning System’ which starts with the fundamentals, then progresses on to learning how to play in the main musical styles of country, rock, and the blues.

Their step-by-step system is aimed at keeping it fun. There are no endless drills and scales for beginners. Each time a lesson teaches their students something new, they immediately put it into a musical context to encourage enjoyment and sustainable interest.

Who is the Program Suitable For?

The site has something to offer most levels of ability. For beginners, the lessons can start right at the beginning with how to hold and care for your guitar. For intermediates, the lessons can review the fundamentals and move on to notes and music. For advanced players, there are courses available aimed at sharpening your skills. The goal of the guitar lessons is progression from whatever level you started at.

Site Features

One of the most impressive features of the site is their extensive list of instructors to choose from. The instructors represent a number of musical and teaching styles, and their profile and pictures help students decide who is the best fit. An additional great feature is that students can alternate between instructors to ensure they are getting exactly the type of instruction they are looking for and wanting from day to day.

Jam Area

The instructors discuss playing and learning challenges and teach playing chords, chord progression, and timing. There is an enjoyable jam area where members can play along with a lot of music and sharpen the skill of playing with others.

User Forum

An additional useful resource for users is the forum. Here, users can post questions and share experiences.


The basic membership is free. Once you have joined and tried it for your free trial, you can continue on the level of free membership, or for a minimal fee, you can progress to the level of greater support, ad-free space, and a larger library of songs and instructors to choose from.

With a special sale price of $14.95/month, users are also entitled to a 60-day money back guarantee. Your subscription renewal will be automatic, so if you are unimpressed, simply cancel your renewal, which you can do hassle-free at any time.

Individual Lessons

There are a number of lessons students can choose from which will involve them watching a video. Their teaching videos are professionally shot in-studio from a variety of angles and with superior sound quality.

Pros and Cons

As the oldest online guitar-teaching site, Guitar Tricks has an impressive song library and list of instructors to choose from. Since in operation since 1998, they have won numerous awards including the Player’s Choice Acoustic Guitar, Gold award Winner from Davey Awards, and the W3 winner.

This lesson platform is appropriate for players of all levels as their lessons and song choices cover a vast area of playing ability and musical styles. From learning the basics to progressing and sharpening your skills, they have something to offer a wide variety of playing abilities.

While there aren’t many cons to mention, you will need a secure high-speed internet connection with as their platform is entirely internet-based, rather than some online teaching sites that offer DVD and CD supplements.

Final Verdict

When it comes to learning how to play guitar online, this Guitar Tricks review gives it a 5/5 rating and is an ideal platform on which to learn. Their teaching videos are high quality and easily accessible, and all for a valuable minimal monthly fee. With some various coupon codes that pop up from time to time, you can get some additional savings. If you are tired of trying to learn how to play guitar from shaky YouTube videos, it is time to progress to a professional online lesson site. The Best Online Guitar Lessons Wizard has done a terrific job at comparing / contrasting all the top providers. Visit their website for a more indepth look at how Guitar Tricks compares to the competition. Additionally follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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